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How Do Search Engines Work?
A search engine uses robots, known as spiders, to crawl the web. Spiders create a catalog of words found on web sites and stores them in a database. Spiders cannot enter password protected areas, and they cannot click buttons on a website. The spider looks at the title, subtitles, and meta tags on each web page. The spider also picks up words that are used most frequently on a web page. Submitting your site to a specific search engine may or may not guarantee good search results. Most search engines offer services that allow sites to pay for a good ranking. There are some steps that can be taken to jump start the process.

What Steps Can You Take?

1. Meta Tags
Meta Tags provide information such as the web page author, the last modified date, and keywords that represent the web page content. Search engines use this information to build their database. The Meta Tag information for your website can be entered in the Balddog Manager by logging in and selecting "Keywords" from the top menu bar.

2. Title
The Bookmark Title is the title that will show up when a site is bookmarked. The Bookmark Title for your site can be added/modified on the Keywords page, also.

3. Search Engine Registration
Balddog has recently added a Search Engine feature which provides links to the major search engines. Most search engines now require registration prior to submitting a site. This new requirement prevents us from providing a simple site submission button to register your site to all of the major search engines. The Search Engine link page can be accessed by logging into the Balddog Manager and selecting "Search Engines" from the top menu bar.

At Balddog, we want your website to be successful, and we want to reduce your website frustrations. If there is anything we can do to help, please send us your suggestions.

Thank you for your continued business!