Website Builder / Content Management System (CMS), Custom Designs, and Website Hosting

Website Builder, Custom Designs, Content Management System (CMS), and Website Hosting
The Website Builder makes it easy for you to update your website content when you host your site with Balddog.

The Balddog CMS has provided some of the most common website features for your convenience.

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About UsYour history, company information, bio, etc. would be great here.

AdvertisersA great way to offset your website costs is to have paid advertisers or sponsors. It's a win-win relationship for you and your advertisers.


Board MembersBoard members are very similar to committees. A directory is created, then the specific board members are selected from the directory. This method keeps the profile of your members consistent throughout the website. It is also super-easy to maintain as your board members change with each election.

CalendarEveryone needs a calendar of their events. Balddog's calendar has a special feature for guests to register.

Client LoginYou can create unlimited client usernames/passwords for your individual clients. Within this feature, you can create unlimited pages within each protected client login area.

CommitteesOrganizations, associations, schools, and many others have various committees. A directory will be created, then the specific members of the committee are selected from the directory. It's very handy to keep member profiles current in one place, the directory. These changes are reflected in all of the directory groupings such as committees.

Contact UsYour name, address, city, state, email address, and phone numbers would go here. This is a text editor page. You may also use a Form page to collect information from those requesting contact info.

CouponsCoupons are a great way to attract business to your website. It is so simple to change your coupons based on the season or pr omotion.

DonationsDonations can be linked to PayPal directly from your website.

Email ListA private email list is a great way to gather contact information from those interested in knowing more about your services. With the email list, you can easily send newsletters, updates, specials, etc. to your private client list.

EventsEvents can be tied to the calendar, but they do not have to be. It is a listing of events as opposed to a calendar layout. The events expire off of the site based on the expiration date you enter. The events are downloadable to a local calendar with the click of a button.

FormForms are wonderful. Balddog has setup their form feature to be extremely flexible so that you can customize your form to meet your needs. Forms are what you use to gather information from your audience.

LinksWant to add links to other websites or pages? The links feature is where you would go to do that.

LocationDo you want directions and a link to a map so that customers can find you? Location is a great place to provide this information.

MembersDo you have members that will join? This is the place to set up that functionality. You can have paying or non-paying members added here.

Product CatalogIf you want to advertise your products, but you do not want to have online payments, then the catalog is where you would list your products.

Real EstateIt is so easy to post your property listings here. This is not limited. It can be used for rentals, as well.

SlideshowSlideshows are a great way to show before-and-after photos and to show-off your portfolio. Pictures are a great way to capture your audience.

SpecialsSpecials, specials, specials. Everyone loves specials. There is no better way to grab your audiences attention than to have specials posted that can only be found on your website.

StoreYes, we have an online shopping cart. Balddog works with many payment processors such as PayPal, Authorizenet, etc. It is super easy to post your products and keep them updated. There is also a place to check your orders.

TestimonialsThe more testimonials, the better. Testimonials are a great place to share how others feel about your service, products, etc. As you receive more testimonials, it is very simple to add them to the existing testimonials.

What's NewNews is where you keep your site fresh and up-to-date. An expiration date is entered, so the old news is automatically retired. Did you know that the more often a website content is changed, the better your chances are for a search engine to find you?