Website Builder / Content Management System (CMS), Custom Designs, and Website Hosting

Website Builder, Custom Designs, Content Management System (CMS), and Website Hosting

The Balddog Story

Over my 15 years of developing websites, website owners voiced similar concerns. They were looking for a simpler way to update their website content and design without being at the mercy of a web developer. They had already invested in the initial design and were discouraged by the additional costs of hiring programmers to manage their sites and the monthly hosting fees.

Customized content management systems (CMS) were being designed for each website. Most of these sites had the same key elements, although the content for each site was unique. A pattern began to evolve. These key elements became the blueprint for Balddog.

Many small businesses and organizations had approached us wanting the same content management tools that larger companies could afford, but they didn't have the same large budget. That's when the idea of sharing these tools for a lower price emerged.

Balddog is a collection of these online management tools that are united in one content management and hosting system.

Balddog is a tribute to Huckleberry, a sweet, red-and-white party mix Cocker Spaniel who suffered from a thyroid disease which caused him to lose his fur. After many years of research and testing, his fur finally grew back coincidentally the same time Balddog signed on its first website.